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What our Customers are saying on Google

Donna Brown

5 March 17, 2019

The service was excellent and Rosie took all the time I needed to get things done. Thanks Rosie! YOU ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Marilyn Murphy

5 March 05, 2019

HIP is a home insurance comparable service company that shops around for you to obtain competitive quotes from reputable insurance companies My broker Alissa was very knowledgeable and helpful and saved us close to $500. annually from our previous insurance company. We highly recommend this service to anyone looking for competitive insurance coverage.

karyn fleming

5 February 14, 2019

Dealing with the Home Insurance People, they do it with a professional and courteous manner, particularly with my broker Rosie Williams. When I needed to insure my home it was done and taken care of the very same day. I was very impressed and highly recommend dealing with this company for any house insurance needs. Thank you, Rosie

peg jones

5 January 19, 2019

Excellent service,after dealing with another insurance company who cost me $3000 more and a nervous breakdown Rosie has been wonderful.

What makes us HIP

We’re Transparent!

Instead of just giving you one price, we show you competing prices from Canada’s leading insurers so you can see how they compare to one another and how they compare to what you’re paying for your existing policy. Then at renewal time, instead of just automatically renewing your policy, we again get the insurers to quote on your business and we show you all of their quotes.

We’re Independent!

Most insurance providers are tied to a particular insurer in one way or another and that’s why when they quote they only show you one price.
But we’re truly independent and that means we can get the insurance companies competing for your business.

We’re Home Insurance Specialists!

Instead of trying to know all about a whole bunch of different kinds of insurance, we’ve chosen to specialize. Home insurance is all we do and so our clients know they’re getting expert advice from a specialist.

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Comparing Prices for Insurance Should be Easy.

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We can contact you later, before your current policy expires, and show you some sweet deals!

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