One of the reasons it pays to get quotes from a variety of insurers is that they all offer different discounts for different things. Here are some of the discounts for which you may qualify:

  • Age Discount It’s not uncommon for this discount to be offered for people who’ve reached the age of 50 or 55, and we’ve actually seen it kick-in for someone as young as 45
  • Credit Status A good credit score can result in a substantial discount with some companies
  • Alarm Discount Almost all insurers offer a discount if you have an alarm system
  • Block Watch Discount Being a Blockwatch leader can get you a discount with at least one insurer that we know of
  • Claims-Free Discount You can expect to receive a significant discount if you’ve been claims-free for 5 years and we’ve also seen some insurers provide a claims-free discount for being claims-free for as little as 3 years
  • Mortgage/Line of Credit-Free Discount You can save up to 20% if you have paid off your mortgage and have no line of credit
  • Higher Deductible Selecting a higher deductible for your policy may reduce your premium significantly
  • Newer Home Discount Some insurance companies will discount their price for people with newer homes and sometimes it doesn’t need to be so new either. We’ve seen this kind of discount applied even for homes built in the 80s
  • Stability of Residence Discount Discounts can also be available for owners who have resided at the same address for over six years

Please note…

Different insurers offer different discounts. They change the discounts they offer too. Sometimes an insurer will implement a new discount and sometimes they’ll stop offering a certain discount. It’s another reason why it pays to get a bunch of them quoting on your business!