Benefits Of Water Loss Prevention Devices For Your Home And Insurance

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When a water leak happens inside a home or building, it can be disastrous. Not only can it damage the contents inside the home like furniture and electronics, but the damage to the home or building structure itself can be gut wrenching. In fact, average water claims can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This would be a large hit to anyone’s personal pocket or home insurance policy, which is why we advise clients to seriously consider investing into some water loss prevention devices for their homes. The below devices are great for avoiding water claims, lowering home insurance costs, as well as keeping water expenses at bay too.

Water Leak Sensors

If your home begins to experience a water leak in any of its plumbing, you will want to know right away! Whether the water leak is large or small, it can be disastrous. Large water leaks can of course cause huge damage to the home and its contents, but smaller water leaks can be just as bad because if it doesn’t cause large damage right away it will at least encourage the growth of mold and mildew in the home – which can be a disaster in its own way. That is why investing into water leak sensors can be worth the investment. Knowing about a water leak ASAP will help identify when and where a water leak is occurring in time to fix the problem before it becomes a huge problem.

Water Shut-Off Valves

Let’s say you discover a water leak. Now what? The first thing you’ll want to do is to turn off the water passing through where the leak is. Sometimes this is doable from a main water shut-off valve, but this may not always be possible or the best case scenario. Investing into water shut-off valves around other major areas of your plumbing can help ensure you’re able to cut off the water flowing through the leak, and can also help in focusing in on only where the leak is present in order to keep water flowing in through other important plumbing that you use too.

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Water Usage Trackers

Another home water device that can help save you money is a personal home water usage tracker. Yes, your utility company can give you an overview of water usage, but specific personal water usage tracking devices can help pin-point the exact areas of your home that use up the most water. This helps you be even more knowledgeable and conscious about saving water in the right places, which can be more helpful for saving water and money.

Lower Home Insurance Costs

The above water loss prevention devices can not only help save you money by avoiding large water damage in your home and avoiding large home insurance claims (plus the deductibles and premium increases that come with it), but just having some of these devices present in your home can lower your current home insurance premiums too. It begins to be clear how these water loss prevention devices can potentially save a household hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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