Battle the Isolation Blues with these Home Maintenance Tasks

re-caulking windows

If you’re looking for something to do with your free time, take a gander at these isolation-busting spring home maintenance tasks. These spring chores will not only keep you busy while generally improving your home, but will also help keep your home safer from common home insurance claims!

Inspect Your Roof and Attic

Some home experts say that it’s best to fix from the outside in. That is why inspecting your roof and attic for potential damage or leaks is a great place to start your spring home maintenance tasks.

On a dry day, check your roofing for any major damage or wear-and-tear. When it’s raining, check your attic to make sure that there are no leaks whatsoever. The last thing you want is a major leak from rain, so it’s best to inspect your roof and attic often. If any issues or concerns are found, get them fixed right away!

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Clean Perimeter Drains and Gutters

Your roof may be fine, but are your gutters and overall perimeter drains okay? If water is sliding down your roof and into your gutters, that’s great! However, major problems can arise if there is too much organic debris in your gutters that obstruct the rainwater from draining properly. Ensure your gutters are all clear so that water can flow freely from your gutters to your perimeter drains. Water trapped in gutters can cause major problems over time if not resolved, including mold, leaks and rotten wood.

Inspect & Re-Caulk Window Caulking

Our windows are great for allowing light into the house while keeping wind and water away, but it can also be a common area where leaks occur because water can find a way through the cracks where windows and walls connect. In order to avoid any leaky windows, inspect the caulking around all windows to ensure they look okay. If needed, it is relatively easy to re-caulk windows that could use some reinforcements.

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Check Exterior Paint

Paint is visually appealing for your home but it’s ultimate goal is to protect the surface that it’s on. Beneath the paint is primer which adheres to the wood or hardie board. When the paint and primer fail, the bare wood and boards are exposed to the sun and rain. It is critical to inspect your home for pealing, cracking, and chipping paint. If any exterior areas are starting to peel, a quick touch-up can go a long way to keep your home safe.

Move Plants Away From Your Home

Nicely kept gardens can add curb appeal to homes, but people often make the mistake of gardening too close to home. If soil, plants, bushes or trees are too close and too high compared to your home, it can increase the chances of pests, damage, and more. Walk the perimeter of your home to ensure gardens are pruned away from the home. This is also a good chance to check the leveling of your home’s landscaping to ensure water can flow away from the house.

Ensure Fire Extinguishers Are Handy

Small fires can quickly become big fires (and big problems), which is why it’s important to have fire extinguishers around the house just in case. Adding fire extinguishers around your home can potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars in fire damage by helping contain any fires that may start.

Ask Us Anything!

If you have any questions about the above spring maintenance task ideas or if you want more ideas for home maintenance tasks to keep home insurance claims at bay, we encourage you to contact us at Harbord Insurance today! Our team of insurance professionals are here to help you, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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