Home Safety and Maintenance Tips for the British Columbia Holiday Season


Prepare Home for Snowy Winter in BC

The winter season may bring the joys of the holidays, but it also brings some dangers to your home. More rain, snow, and darker days means additional threats from water, theft, and more. Read on for some home safety and maintenance tips to keep your home safe from home insurance claims this holiday season.

Clean Your Home’s Roof Drains

As the winter season brings rough weather, it’s important to keep your home’s roof drains clean, especially since damage to draining systems is one of the most common types of damage to a home during winter. You need to ensure that water can safely move away from your home by cleaning your roof and drains regularly. The fall season causes an abundance of leaves and other plant debris that pile up on your roof and fall into the drains. This can cause a water blockage, which can be a big safety hazard. Ensure your roof and drains are clear with a quick inspection and cleanup.

Clear Perimeter Street Gutters

Just as you want water from rain or snow to be able to safely move away from your home, the same goes for the water around the property. You want to ensure that all water is safely draining to the street’s gutters. Be sure to clean up leaves and debris around the street gutters surrounding your home to keep it as clear as possible.

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Inspect Trees On Property

British Columbia has all kinds of weather during the winter months, and strong winds are apart of the forecast. Strong winds this winter have already started in B.C. They can sometimes be too much for trees if they are not healthy enough to withstand the force from strong winds. Tree decay and disease can cause trees to be more prone to falling over, especially during a windy storm. Before the rough winds of the winter season arrive in full force, inspect the trees surrounding your property, especially the big ones that could cause a lot of damage to your home or others if they were to fall over. Look for signs of tree decay or disease, and call in an expert if you have any concerns.

Bring Some Outdoor Items Inside

Just as we don’t want any damage done to the home or property, we also don’t want anything to happen to the rest of our assets and items either. We may think that certain outdoor items can survive the winter season outdoors, but mother nature has a way of surprising us. To keep your outdoor items safe from the harsh weather (and from theft), bring what you can inside- especially the more expensive items.

Buy Necessary Supplies Early

When the winter season arrives and snow starts to fall, a big deterrent for many households on keeping their home driveways and walkways clear is not having the right supplies. Because it can be difficult to get to the store once snow has already fallen, and often stores can run out of essential supplies like snow shovels or snow salt, it is recommended that households buy the necessary supplies early. This is to ensure they keep their driveways and walkways safe for themselves, as well as anyone who may be visiting or walking around the property.

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