Insurance During an Apocalypse

When people think of reasons to purchase home insurance, they think of reasons like fires, floods, break ins, and more recently- earthquakes. However, one consideration is missing among these. That being an apocalypse.

Apocalypses can come in a variety of different flavors. Some being a zombie apocalypse, an alien invasion, a mad scientist creating some sort of creature or disease – the classic science fiction scenarios. You also have more realistic ones like a nuclear apocalypse or a societal collapse (mad max style), or a meteor hitting the earth.

Science Fiction

The science fiction genre of an apocalypse will the be hardest to navigate. Mainly because these situations are so unpredictable. Each scenario has its own unique set of variables that can affect the various types of insurance claims.

If there is a zombie apocalypse, there will be a lot of life insurance claims. This is also mirrored if there is some deadly man-made disease that is released into the population. There will be property damage claims, however this will be due to the panic that ensues rather than the problem itself.

Now an alien invasion is an entirely new ordeal! If aliens decide to invade, not only will there be a massive loss of life, but there will be massive amounts of property damage.

Realistic Scenarios

Let us talk about nuclear implications. Now to our knowledge, there are not any home insurance polices that cover nuclear fall out.
A nuclear apocalypse shares a lot of the same issues as a societal. If society completely implodes, there will not be insurance brokers or companies around (at least not in the capacity that they are at now).
There will most likely be certain people that will insure you, but who knows if you will be able to trust them. They will probably act more like loan sharks than trusted insurance companies.

Last but not least- a meteor hitting the earth does present a set of different variables than the previous scenarios. A meteor will cause property damage, however only to those in the blast zone. The main issue with a meteor is how much ash, smoke or debris is ejected into the atmosphere.
There are too many to go into with the short time we have for this article.


Having checklist for when an apocalypse happens could be the difference between life and death. (This list may help you for natural disasters too!)

  • Water Purifier

Getting a good water purifier is a must for a survival situation. Water is the key to life. Luckily in this day and age, you can buy a water purifier for under $50 that will last you years if not damaged. This gives you time to set up a more official water collector.

  • Food

As with water, food is the other 100% item needed to survive. Similar to a water filter, it is now easy to buy MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat). Now unlike the water purifier, this are a good amount more costly, however it is still necessary to purchase so you have a few weeks before you can find a more sustainable way to collect food.

  • First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is needed in any house, regardless of the situation. The difference is, if you do not have a first aid kit during normal times, there are plenty of places you can go and buy what you need. During an apocalypse you do not have the same resources. A first aid kit is almost on the same level of importance as food and water.

  • Tools

There are some basic tools you will need to help you survive. Two basic tools are a hunting knife and axe. A knife will help you prepare any meat you can catch and an axe for creating a shelter of trees and general self defense.


Unfortunately, apocalyptic situations cannot be predicted. Many issues arise when a large event occurs that effects how everyone lives. In the event of a disaster, you want to know that the company insuring your house has financial resources. This is why we have large financially secure insurers to compete for your business. Companies like Aviva, Economical, Family Insurance, Intact, Travelers and Wawanesa. While we do not provide any kind of “apocalypse coverage” at Harbord – The Home Insurance People™, we do provide you a great place to shop for home insurance quotes. Visit here if you want to check for quotes online or contact us by phone at 1-844-4663 or by email at .