Is Your “Independent” Home Insurance Comparison Website Really Giving You The Best Deal?

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Many home insurance comparison websites claim to be completely “independent” when it comes to offering the best and most affordable options for you. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Some Independent Home Insurance Price Comparison Websites Are Driven by Outside Influence, NOT Your Best Interests

We know of some very popular Home Insurance Price Comparison websites that claim to be independent and have your best interest in mind, when in fact this is isn’t the case. Instead, some of them focus on maximizing the most money and profits for themselves. They do this by claiming to focus on the best rates for their clients, when in fact they are focusing on the providers who pay them the most money.


Some Independent Home Insurance Price Comparison Websites Have Secret Exclusive Deals With Insurance Providers

Another way that some independent Home Insurance Price Comparison Websites are not completely sincere with their clients is when they claim to quote from all insurance providers, when in fact they don’t. Why would they do this? Again, it comes down to exclusive deals and partnerships with insurance companies. Sometimes an insurance provider will pay an insurance broker a premium to be ‘exclusive’ with them in specific areas. This gives you less options.

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Your Own Research Is Always Best

The effective way to find the best deal for yourself as a customer is to always do your own research. Ask lots of questions and make sure your comparison website is working to give YOU its best rates.

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