Preventing Your House’s Hose Bibs From Freezing During Winter

Frozen outdoor faucet

There are many risks to your home that come with the winter season, and we outlined some tips to keep your home safe during winter in one of our recent posts. Another frustrating issue that can arise in winter, are hose bibs freezing. If a home’s hose bib freezes, it typically causes damage to the pipe, potentially causing bursting and creating a water leak in or around your home. To avoid any unnecessary home insurance claims, here are some easy and quick steps you can take to ensure your home’s hose, bib, valves, and pipes stay safe during winter.

Turn off the Shut-Off Valves

The outdoor shut-off valve for your home is usually near where the hose bibs are located, possibly on the inside of the house. This may be a tap, knob, or lever style of handle and may be located inside the wall with an access door. Turn it off accordingly to restrict the water flow.

Remove & Drain Hoses From Bibs

Remove any hoses that are currently attached to hose bibs around the outside of your home, and drain any water from the hoses. You’ll want to store the hoses along with the bibs, so organize the hose and prepare it for storage. It may be worth ensuring all is dry before leaving it for the winter to minimize the chances of rusting.

Clear Any Water & Debris From Hose Bibs

Now you’ll want to clear any water or debris that may still be in the hose bibs themselves. After the hoses have been removed, you can turn on the outdoor faucet tap to run water and clear any debris and remaining water to flow out.

Drain Any Water From Shut-Off Valves

Return to the shut-off valve, and place a bucket underneath. Open the shut-off valve drain to let any water still inside the valve come out. Once all of the water has been cleared out and drained, close the cap or plug – this is normally a small metal plug or cap located on the inside of the valve.

Leave Any Hose Bib Valves Open

Leaving the hose bib valves open is OK, as any water that enters the bib will just flow out now (instead of freezing).

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