9 Tips to Protect Your Home from BC Wildfires Damage in 2020

home wildfire damage risk

With the super hot summers that BC usually experiences every year coming, we should also expect and prepare for the BC wildfires that usually come with the season too. Protecting a home from wildfire damage can help save home owners thousands of dollars worth of fire damages and home insurance expenses. Below are some tips and tricks to keep in mind to help protect your home from wildfires.

#1. Install Metal Mesh Screens

Simply installing some metal mesh screens to your chimney and HVAC systems to prevent fire embers from entering your home through them can help keep fires from entering inside.

#2. Clean Attic Vents

Cleaning your vents from any flammable debris, lint, etc. can also help protect your HVAC systems from fires.

#3. Inspect and Clean Roof

Inspecting your roof and gutters for dry leaves, wood chips etc. and cleaning them out as needed will also help protect your roof from catching fire in the case of wildfires nearby. Keeping your roof clean and maintained is very important, and we also mention it in our list of home maintenance tasks that can keep you safe from home insurance claims.

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#4. Repair or Replace Damaged Windows

If any windows are compromised (broken glass, failed seals, etc.), then it is best to repair or replace the window in order to ensure you can effectively keep unwanted smoke and fire debris outside of your home.

#5. Trim Landscaping

Ensure that the plants and tress around your house do not touch the structure by trimming them as needed. Also, trees and plants that touch each other will spread wildfires better than those that do not touch each other, so ensure they don’t touch each other by trimming where needed too.

#6. Space Out Plants

If possible, you can go a step further from just trimming and re-position plants and trees completely to space them out even more. This can be done for landscaping close to your house (some suggest keeping plants and trees a minimum of 5 ft away from your house), but keeping plants away from each other too is also beneficial.

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#7. Add Fire-Resistant Plants

When adding plants and trees to your property, keep in mind how flammable each species is. Focusing more on adding fire-resistant plants like lavender or sage to your property will keep your home safer from wildfire risks.

#8. Keep Deck Clean

Declutter your dreck to remove any flammable material from both on top of the deck but also underneath it too. The less (flammable) junk nearby the better.

#9. Keep Tools Close

Keeping fire prevention tools like fire extinguishers and water hoses nearby is also a good idea in case of any emergencies that could use some quick action.

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