Reality Bites: Risky Dog Breeds and Home Insurance Claims


In many parts of BC, dog ownership is extremely popular among homeowners. Some even see their dogs as part of the family or protectors of the house, adding to the home’s security and safety. However, what many do not realize is that dog ownership (along with other pets) can also become a liability. Read on to learn more about how dogs can actually increase some risks for owners, as well as what some of the riskier dog breeds are known to be.

Dog Bites Can Kill

Dog bites are a serious thing. Canada even has a “dangerous dog” law around dog bites, and there are many public education websites on the topic such as and others. They may seem relatively harmless to some, but the fact is that dogs have the ability to seriously hurt or even kill humans and other animals. In fact, a study found approx. 4.5 million dog bites occur in the US each year with 800K of them resulting in medical care. They not only possess some risks to other animals, but pets can also increase liability risks for owners.

Dog Bites Can Increase Home Insurance Costs

Some insurance companies take into account pets on the property, but many do not. No matter what, if you have a dog on your property and he or she ends up biting someone, you could be found liable! This could result in a claim needing to be dealt with and/or your home insurance premiums going up.


Train Your Dog No Matter What The Breed

Before we get into what some of the riskiest dogs are known to be, it’s important to remember that training your dog should be a priority no matter what the breed. Training your dog to sit, leave it, play gentle and to heel or stay close even when distractions come around can help control the risk of someone getting hurt from your pup.

The Riskiest Dog Breeds for Home Insurance

Although there are many dog breeds and mixes, some specific dog breeds have the reputation of being more aggressive or protective, and having a higher chance of biting someone.

Pit Bulls

Unfortunately for Pit Bull lovers, this is one of the breeds most known to bite, hurt, or kill others – by a long shot. In an article published last year, it was found that there were 43 total deaths from dogs in 2018, and 80% of them were by Pit Bulls.



Also part of the molloser category of breeds, Rottweilers are often grouped in with Pit Bulls as being one of the most dangerous. The Clifton study puts Rottweilers right below Pit Bulls, and states that “pit bulls and Rottweillers are accordingly dogs who not only must be handled with special precautions, but also must be regulated with special requirements” because of their risk.

German Sheperds

Taking the #3 spot for riskiest dog breeds for dog bites are German Sheperds. They are often found in the mix of dog bite stats, and one study found that there were 113 attacks by German Sheperds between 1982-2014 in the US.


Also often in the mix of dog bite stats are “mastiffs” or Bullmastiffs. There were just about the same amount of dog bites from Bullmastiffs as there were German Sheperds, with 111 attacks tracked between that same time period in the US.


Mixed Breeds

Unfortunately for dog “rescuer” fanatics who could only ever think about adopting a dog from a kennel instead of a breeder, mixed breeds are also known to be in the mix of breeds that bite. This is especially the case if the dog is mixed with a Pit Bull or any of the other dog breeds mentioned above.

Find Insurers That Do Not “Dogscriminate”

Again, many home insurance providers do not take into account pets in a home when issuing home insurance. However, some do. If you have many pets or any of the riskier dog breeds above, you may want to avoid working with insurers who discriminate against pets. Working with an independent insurance broker like HIP can help you choose the best provider for you.

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