Saving Money On Your Top Expenses in BC – Expense #2: Transportation

Transportation lands in spot number 2 for the top 3 expenses in British Columbia. Whether you own a vehicle, take the bus, or are wondering about your options, we have tips to help you cut down on transportation costs!

  • Purchase A Used Vehicle

Brand new vehicles are one of the fastest depreciating assets you can buy. Even purchasing a vehicle that’s one or two years old is normally a great deal compared to buying brand-new.

  • Do Your Research Before Purchasing A Vehicle

Some questions to research include: Does this vehicle require premium fuel? How common is this vehicle? (less common vehicles tend to be more expensive to maintain and repair, as materials and parts may not be readily available).

  • Get A Full Vehicle Inspection Before Buying Used

Get A Full Vehicle Inspection | Harbord The Home Insurance People

This may seem counter intuitive, as a full vehicle inspection will typically cost $100-$300 up front, but it could end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars down the road if you’re dealing with a dishonest seller (they are more common than you’d think).

  • Use Public Transportation

Public transportation can be fantastic option to save money, especially in larger cities. If you opt for this and ditch your vehicle completely, you can save money on gas, car insurance, maintenance costs, parking fees, and more!

  • Use Car Share

Depending on your location, some ride sharing options may be available to you. These are often very affordable, convenient, and much cheaper than taxis.

  • Consider Purchasing A Bike Or An E-bike

Consider A Bike | Harbord - The Home Insurance People
E-bikes have been increasing in popularity recently, and for good reason! They’re fast, fun, and can be an efficient mode of transportation. Regular bikes are a great money saving option as well, as they are usually more affordable than an e-bike and can still get you from A to B with the added bonus of getting some exercise.

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