Tenant Insurance For Students: Protect Your Expensive School Supplies


The new school year can be a hectic time for many, especially for students, which is why most students who end up renting a place to call home for the school year forget to think about tenant insurance. Despite how busy students who rent are, however, a student’s tenant insurance can help protect their expensive student contents (and their peace of mind). In the tragic case of a robbery or fire etc., tenant insurance can be there as a safeguard for a student’s most valuable assets. Tenant insurance will ensure that one can be reimbursed for the costs to replace the contents, helping them save the money it would cost to replace it themselves, while also ensuring they get their assets replaced quickly too.

Theft Is Most Common Crime On Campuses

Did you know the thefts and burglaries are one of the most common types of crimes on school campuses? It’s true. For example, when we analyze crime statistics for the University Of Victoria we can clearly see the thefts account for a majority of all the crimes recorded. This is a common theme across all school campuses, which is why tenant insurance for students can be so valuable.

Tenant Insurance For Student Property

There are a lot of different types of student property and supplies that the right tenant insurance can provide coverage for, including;

Laptops & Computers

Some of the most important assets that students own are their laptops and computers. Not only are these essential for taking notes and completing assignments during the school year, but they can be very expensive as well, so losing these in any way or form can be devastating. Tenant insurance protects a student’s laptops and computers in the case of a robbery or damage (fire, etc.).

student laptop

Backpacks, Bags & Luggage

Besides a laptop or computer, students also usually have various forms of backpacks, bags, and luggage that they use daily or used to move into their new place for the school year. The right kind of tenant insurance will also protect these items, which can also be expensive. Protect your backpacks, bags, and luggage with the right kind of tenant insurance in case they get stolen or damaged.

student backpack


Many students may also bring or buy their own furniture for the school year. This can include bed furniture, a desk and chair for doing work, or drawers to organize clothes in. Tenant insurance protects the contents of the rental unit, and this includes all the furniture as well!

student furniture

Other Electronics (Phones, Headphones, etc.)

Students will also be pleased to learn that tenant insurance protects their other electronics too. Everything from smart phones, to headphones, and more will also be protected as well, ensuring all expensive items are covered in case of damage or theft.

student electronics

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